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Pizzas – Outside Catering

Our handmade sourdough is created using an authentic Neapolitan recipe, and is then topped with a selection of the highest quality, locally sourced produce.

We have a classic menu available year round, and seasonal specials using local wild produce such as garlic, field mushrooms, figs, grapes, courgette, duck, lamb & venison .

For event catering and wedding catering we can provide traditional pizzas or use toppings of your choice. Please do contact us if you have an idea of what you’d like but it’s not on this page, as we love catering for a party and enjoy trying new recipes!

Don’t miss the desserts calzone, it’s a great addition to any pizza party! Filled with chocolate and mascarpone, complete with seasonal fruit it’s a real crowd pleaser.

Gluten-free bases are available for event catering when booked in advance.

Classic Menu

The Margaret (v)

Crushed vine tomato base topped with mozzarella, fresh basil & shaved pecorino. Delicious on its own, or with one of our infused oils drizzled on top.

The Tree Hugger (v / ve)

Crushed vine tomato base with mozzarella, topped with garlic roasted field mushrooms, carmalised red onion, sweet drop yellow peppers, cherry vine tomatoes, red onion chutney & finished with balsamic glaze & fresh basil leaves
***mozzarella can be removed or replaced for vegans

The Garlic Bread

Stone baked sourdough with crushed garlic oil, sunbaked tomatoes, garlic butter finished with rosemary & thyme seasoning

Wild Menu

Wild Mushroom (v)

Crème fraîche base topped with wild field mushrooms, black olives, fresh thyme, crispy garlic & truffle oil.

Wild Hunter

Crème fraiche base topped with mozzarella, caramalised red onion, crispy garlic, arugula & lemon juice, rosemary and finished with a drizzle of garlic aioli.

Wild Garlic

Crushed vine tomato base topped with mozzarella, roasted cherry vine tomatoes, prosciutto ham, oregano & wild garlic pesto.

Wild Lamb

Crushed vine tomato base topped with mozzarella, crumbled lamb kofte and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil infused with rosemary & wild garlic


Hazelnut Chocolate Calzone

Hazelnut chocolate, mascarpone & sliced banana wrapped in fresh sourdough. Finished with sliced strawberries & dusted with caramalised icing sugar.

The Fruity Pig

Crushed vine tomato base topped with mozzarella, oregano, pulled slow honey roasted ham hock, field mushrooms, basil, apple chutney & fresh thyme

The Hot Mama

Crushed vine tomato base topped with grated mozzarella & cheddar, spiced nduja sausage, chorizo, pepperoni & finished with chili infused honey, shaved pecorino, fresh chilies & fresh basil.

Wild Fig

Crème fraîche base topped with prosciutto ham, formaggio blu, wild grapes & fig. Finished with fresh basil leaves

Wild Fowler

Hoisin Sauce base topped with pulled slow cooked wild duck. Finished with plum sauce & spring onion

Wild Forager (v / ve)

Crushed vine tomato base topped with roasted asparagus, wild mushroom & courgette. Finished with balsamic glaze & fresh wild mint leaves

***mozzarella can be removed or replaced for vegans

Living rurally and by the sea, we are constantly exposed to the seasons and are more aware than ever of how hard our neighbouring farmers work. As a family we made a decision to eat as locally and sustainably as possible. We want Wild Flame to reflect our beliefs in the importance of reducing our carbon footprint from food travel. We hope you will enjoy our changing seasonal menu as much as we do!

Sophie & Tristan